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2 200 руб.

MEBH-4 is the professional ski wax of second generation, that has existed for more than 4 years on the market. The optimum working temperature is -12°…-3°С, but it is possible to use the wax effectively even out of this temperature range, especially if there is fresh snow. According the tests the lowest temperature of using this wax without loss of its high tribological quality is -17°С (while the relative air humidity is about 83%). The optimum relative air humidity for the advisable temperature range is above 75%. It should be above 80% if you use the wax in conditions of lower temperature (below -12°С). MEBH-4 produces the perfect gliding if you use it in conditions of higher temperature of the advisable temperature range and the relative air humidity that is above 50%. The optimum structure of snow is acicular, granulated, tube, fresh and fresh modified. The wax has high durability and shear strength, it makes a strong showing during uphill skiing. It can be applied on the clean running surface of the skis or on other ski wax (CH, LF, HF…) (so-called base), that is suitable for the advisable temperature range of usage. In this case it would be better to use the ski wax with higher melting temperature to reduce its influence on physical-mechanical properties of the basic ski wax.